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Here we love to talk about traveling and places to see. About family and lifestyle . About that little project we are working on that might be good for you and of course about our traveling bellies!

Kururimbo is trying to give back to the world some by doing some writing that might brighten up the end of your week and will also tickle your adventure spirits.

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10 Essential Phrases for your International Travels

A list of good to know before you travel phrases from an experienced traveler. Kururimbo shares some of her experiences and why you should know these essential travel words and phrases in the native language before you travel to a country that does not speak a language you are fluent in! Enjoy the read.

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Becoming a freelance travel blogger and why ?

This is an introduction of why this Brazil born, Japan raised, Mexican hearted and currently living in wales, uk other girl is starting her freelance blog. My love starts here and hopefully will reach your traveling heart wherever you are!

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