Becoming a freelance travel blogger and why ?

Hi Friend. It means a lot that you have already made to this page! I am so excited and happy to see you! Hoping this might be a good read to brighten up your weekend! As I mentioned in the title yes! I am starting to write a travel blog, and I will make it. hahah you will see. This might be the start of my freelancing career for life! Or just sharing with you my true passion only. As they say, when you are freelancing what is the best thing you can do? Find something that you love and stick your mind , pour your soul to it! 

To be quite honest I have tried a couple of times already to start writing, take pictures and all to do something with this travel and this curious heart. But the truth is I always thought I did not have something unique enough to share with you or had that small voice in my head asking me the wrong questions such like: well who would like to listen to my voice?

Recently I was just prepping for my weekend walks and making my plans for when the covid situation calms down. Our lock down is about to be lifted after almost 4 months of staying at home. We did have a short Christmas non lock down period but that really does not count. So I am working on these things to see, to do , to eat as a base for my 2021 wish list. And what I figured is that I am a PRO! In making those things! Haha I will try to prepare until the smallest detail of these mini getaways so we can enjoy and get the feel of or at least try to understand the culture behind every small detail of the town that we visit. Definitely blame myself and the studies I did as an undergrad because that is what gives me a fresh eye that will make me stop every 2-3 meters to see this one small detail of some street haha. ( ask my husband and he will tell you is true) I am always searching for architecture, food, photography, art and experience, something that will connect me to the local culture that I can take back with me as a memory or as a token from that trip. And while I enjoy the trip, I also make a list of people that would like to take to this place when I get to go back again.

Travel is something that you invest on, and that experience should not come back empty. In order to do that, we must have a travel is lifestyle mentality. Sometimes yes, it means reading and supporting travel blogs like this on the internet and just get some more fresh ideas of what you could be doing. Travel does not begin when the holiday begins, but it actually starts when you dream about going somewhere or begin planning. You know… When you choose the place you’re staying , where you will eat, what you will have to try that is unique and so on. In my humble opinion travel should be tailored. And a lifestyle that goes with it should also always point to new adventures. All of the small bits of information will fill your creative mind in order to prepare you for the experience! 

Here I am to help you enhance your travel and sense of community as a global citizen. Why? Because I figured out that the best way to make others learn more about a certain topic is to share information with them. My true passion lies here, in the hospitality world and in the travel industry. As I would like to support more of this industry I would like to be an ambassador to share with you the unique experiences I get to have and also share with you the tips and how to’s and what to look for in a travel before you go and explore.

Today I travel most of the time with my partner in crime (a.k.a my husband) but i do have some good solo, friends and family trips from the past that I can dig up to share with you! And that is the plan! Once I have done sharing all that I know I will stop writing and turn this blog into a book! Haha WHAT A DREAM. But I believe that is how much I have and can share with you. Plus I will continue to have travel as a lifestyle so I can share more details with you, cause why not? You get to travel via my blog and I get to continue to do what I love haha I believe this will be a win win. Don’t you? 

Don’t be sad that covid messed up your travel plans or that you had to cancel that appointment you made before. All of us at some point had to submit ourselves to this current situation in order to stay alive and also keep our loved ones safe. But what I am trying to say is that nothing is lost, there’s always more room for traveling, writing, seeing, eating in our lives so we can share more experiences that truly make us rich with the ones with love. The plans were not cancelled. They were postponed. And you will see that there’s so much more that you can still do and add to your travel bucket list!

I hope you will stay tuned for more. As I have a very big plan to share more about some travel tips for japan, in the uk, what to do in Wales, how to drive around Europe as we get to travel slowly around here too. I might even write some stuff about our lives here, everything related to food, design and let’s just say there are a lot of things we would like to share ! hehe

As I have a goal to do 52 blog posts by April 2022. Wish me the best luck! He comes your travel passionate, freelancing friend who is ready to share her passion!

52 blog posts come at me! Here!

If you see something that is helpful please like, share and comment on the post so I can always improve my message and this is how you can support the run of this blog as well! Oh I am going to leave some stars at the end of each post so you call tell me if you liked the tips or the story that was shared. If that’s too much feel free to leave a clap!

I wish you all the best in your travel journeys ! and if you need tips or hints on what to do I am available! Please send me a message via the contact section of this web page and I will be very happy to reply to you!

I am becoming a freelance travel blogger yay! I always wanted to become a writer somehow so this is a great start! Welcome to my webzine haha Which means in my head, web plus magazine (smiley face) you know what i mean…

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I hope we can connect somehow!
See you very soon

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3 thoughts on “Becoming a freelance travel blogger and why ?

  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures and stories. They are beautiful, fun, enriching, exciting. And yes, you will get your dream to write a book. Nothing is impossible when we pour our hearts and hard work in it. To travel is to discover and fall in love with everything around and within us. 🙏

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely words!! I love your words “To travel is to discover and fall in love with everything around and within us.” allow be to quote you very soon ! @island Traveller! Stay in touch and connected!

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