End of Tenancy, Hello first Home

Introduction of a new plan

We thought we had more time… But it is what it is. I am sharing with you what we are currently going through as we search for our first home here in the UK.

If you know my husband and me, you probably know we have had quite a unique story… I probably should just make a video about it to make things simple.

Just to give you a little, context about why we like to plan to things. Here’s the short version of the beginning of our story.

Sam and I met in July 2019 on a weekend away from our address at the time. We “clicked ” as friends and as we went back to go about life we continued to talk. Sam was in the UK and I was in Mexico at the time. Nothing was planned but in August we decided to date long distance and see how that would pan out. October the same year, we were engaged. In February 2020, 5 months since we met we were married and I officially moved to the UK in July 2020.

We both decided that we would take things slow. Enjoy the newlywed life, work, travel, and research the area we would lay down our roots. We were going to save and enjoy lots, before moving to the next chapter of our lives. This is naturals as we rushed a little bit on getting our couple’s life started in the UK. And we had agreed that we would make things happen slowly so we could enjoy the journey and moment.

Now I laugh at us for making such plans. Because only God knows what he wants for us to go through in life at the end. haha

End of tenancy notice

Our Real Estate Agency called us 5 days ago to tell us that the owner of the house is going to put this house to sale. We still have another 9 months of contract left with them. But they gave us “notice”. Meaning that they’re giving us a 6-month advance notice to vacate the house so they can put it on the market.

We did not have the best experience when we moved into the house. There was some extra cleaning to be done. The owners or previous tenants left many things behind and there were many broken utilities around the house. ( we made an initial list of 40 things that needed to be done)

Sam and sat down and decided on one thing. We would continue to work to save money. And prepare ourselves to possibly start looking for something a little more permanent in 2022/2023. At least that was the plan until 5 days ago.

Rent vs. Buy

Sam and I are dog, cat, children , family friendly people. So having our home in the UK was not a dream that was too far away from our minds. We liked to stop by and look at houses on the mand dream about it. It’s just that houses in the UK tend to go away very fast. On top of that, our pockets were not agreeing with the decision to make a huge investment just yet.

But the bad part about living in a rented home is that we don’t get to have a home. Something that looks like us. Express our hearts and souls the way we would like to. We are big fans of inviting people over to have food or coffee. And sometimes even that became a burden because we could not make things cozy.

The decision: going for first home buy

On the day we received the news, I wasn’t particularly having the best day ever. I had cried over-exhaustion. I had so many things on my plate to finish. And Sam was a little worried because he caught me crying in front of the computer from tiredness.

He withheld the news until the end of the afternoon and shared that bomb.

You should have seen my confusion. I did not know if we were happy because we would not have to face the 40 items on the checklist anymore. Or if we were nervous because we would have to go on a house hunt again. Plus as I said, we had so much more time left on our contract. We were expecting to extend the contract and not cut things short instead.

And all of this is just funny. Because it was about 2 weeks ago my husband and I were browsing the housing market and have made the decision not to look into Zoopla, right move and on the market until we have gathered the deposit for the house value that we wanted in the area that we wanted.

You see we wanted to be closer to the beach area, where the houses in those areas tend to be a little more expensive that the residual areas. Plus, both of us work from home now, so there will be a need for 2 office spaces, for the dogs and possibly babies to come. So many dreams to chase… haha And I say again.. we wanted to take things slow. But God had other plans. And that’s okay because they’re usually for the better anyway.

The search for our first house: Part 1

I am not going to make this session long. Because we are still on the search for our house. We went to visit about 10 houses so far since we got our notice. It’s about 1 house view per day. And so far we have liked 2 houses. One in a not so nice neighbourhood and the other a little further away from city centre.

We have spoken to a mortgage advisor to set our budget for the purchase. He has also been of great help to help us understand what to be expected in the next steps of buying a house in the UK and everything we need to know about the timeline. He is helping us not freak out and we have to thank him for that.

There are 3 more houses that we will go and see before making an official offer to any of the houses we liked. I want to keep writing about this experience so one day we can look back and laugh about all of this. We are taking every opportunity to learn more about live in the UK.

I hope we can come up with part 2 of this story soon! And if you have any tips for new home owners or first time buyers I am all years and eyes on the comments below. Feel free to leave us a cheer or our finding our first home!

For now I leave you with a picture of our current balcony that I will miss to be on the sunny days.

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