Joy of starting something new : A long term business plan

Hello all. Welcome back to a new blog post. I would like to share this week what is driving me to learn, research, dive deeper into the content world. And also, possibly share with you how I intend to stay focused on the long term goal. Don’t give up on your dream of developing a travel business because apparently it’s not too late! I am in the long haul adventure and hope that you will stick around to understand why it is important to start something new, TODAY!

Inspiration for starting something new: Parents and business

You see, as a the eldest daughter of two and daughter of a missionary who had to make his own means I saw the hustle my father had to go through to put us through school and to keep us alive in Japan. All of that was not easy. As a grownup it’s easier to recognise this..(just saying) I am deeply thankful for him for making his best efforts to keep us tight as a family and my mom.

What a strong woman! She was always there to encourage us, reminding us not to backdown. Always reminding us that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. My parents were always there to support us emotionally and spiritually in our upbringing even when life was a little bit too much for them. Their strength supported us to become the human beings that we are today. High five mom and dad!

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Friendrih Niche or Kerry Clarkson

My parents today have a little bit of a different story. They left the missionary field and are back in their home country today. Jobless. And without a sense of culture fit because they were away for so long. I hear in our conversations that they would like to have made a few things differently. Learning the language, acquiring skills, investing more or even creating a business that would help them during this pandemic. These are a couple of the “regrets” I hear in their voices and saddens me.

Chasing the long term dream to inspire : today and future

Since I grew up seeing my parents get through and do life I did not think that 20 years after of them giving it all to the foreign land and strangers as missionaries that they would feel this way. Today, I I feel the special need to take this story and turn it into my own energy. I must not wait until the next right moment comes up so I can learn something that I love. Giving up was not an option for the long awaited dream. I should dive into the theme that I love to secure a future that I want for myself. Because I grew up seeing my parents juggle businesses, my true dream was to become my own boss. And I do still have a dream to become self-employed by the age of 50 or even earlier if I can.

The themes that I love are business, travel and people! It’s so unfair to see that all these small businesses are suffering because they did not have enough time to prepare to be online. Some even are suffering because they lack creativity or innovation. If I learn how to discipline myself to learn, push through the tough times and to grow, I am sure I will be able to translate that positive energy into my passion and spread that to more people along the way.

My husband and I, are both very business or what you might call logical couple. It does not mean that we do not get into our emotional mindsets on the way. But we have the habit of scaling our hearts and minds when something is off. I am very thankful for him for supporting my journey and for believing in me and in my ” investment” for the future.

With all of this being said, I have got a story to tell you.

My business idea started on Youtube and Instagram

I was browsing through Youtube to try to find something fun. That would inspire me and possibly my parents too. I came across a channel called Wholesale Ted and Mike Vestil. Both of these young entrepreneurs were talking about selling t-shirts online to make an income. I already wanted to wanted to blog so my go to ladies on this topic were Cathrin Manning and Christina Galbato. These are ladies that truly inspire me to get the work done!

person holding black ceramic teapot
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After listening to a couple of videos and analysing my return of investment, I thought to myself that was something I could tap into this business model as part of my blogging journey. Someone was doing it, they were making money and the risks for me were low. In my case all I had to do was to set up a 1. canva account , 2. printful account and TIME and desire to figure it out!! Oh and by the way in my real full time job I do things related to import and export , therefore I know a thing or two about doing business worldwide. (disclaimer: not an expert)

Obviously the small cash I made on the t shirt sales would also help me keep this website running. Which is not free by the way!! And next year I know I will have to do something about that. That is why I made a promise to me and to my accountability partners that I would continue to do this for a full year and have 52 posts up by April 2022. I need to make a decision when the time comes.

A small investment for your future self : Do something, not nothing

By the end of last month, right about when I started to write this blog ( you can read my first post here) I already had submitted a design for a shirt that would possibly match the look and theme of this website. I ordered a sample of this design and was getting ready to start my travel around Wales responsibly and rock my newly designed shirt with my husband ( who is my main collaborator of all things ). Which is pretty darn cute! Check this out.

Don’t let the hiccups get to you: think of long term investment

When I first saw that my blog post that I have thought of, re wrote a couple of times and have done my research had only gotten 4 views by the 1st week I was devastated. It almost made me wonder if the work and money behind it was worth it. It made me think if I was really willing to go down the long haul with the creating a business that I want from scratch idea. And if this was even right for me. This is week 2! You guys. no joke. Things can feel and get lonely.

But the following day, I received this shirt that was another business initiative I took in order to support this blog. That small seed that was planted back on the planting days of this blog. And on this day, it lightened up my day. My thoughts were running wild. All I could think of was that when I go travel around Wales, I can wear my travel gear. That small joy set me on the right track again.

Milestones are milestones: take the small win

This might sound silly but wins are wins. No matter big or small. By having this shirt in hand I was able to share a little bit more about the Welsh flag to my friends in Japan. I was able to tell a couple of more friends that I intended to wear this shirt on my next trip to Essex, England and Tenby, Wales the next couple of months. I shared with a fellow entrepreneur the new product and she directed me to get in contact with an organisation called Wales International . Apparently they are all about the words Wales and international!

I don’t want to jinx anything so I will give you an update once I get to speak to them! But you see? Giving up is not an option because that’s what I learned from my inspirational parents.

I would like to conclude this post by saying or copying what I heard repeatedly these days. Calculate your risks, don’t wait for the tomorrow. Start investing in your dreams today! Don’t wait for the next emotional wave, just decide and do it!

If you have been waiting for the right moment, and need a buddy to go help you be accountable or to share your journey with leave me a comment! I would love to get in touch and learn about your business journey.

Thank you all for reading this,
Hope you will enjoy the newly designed multilingual travel shirts and see you on the next post!

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