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Happy weekend dear friends. I don’t know if you have had the chance to read my post about Little Croft Choc a small local chocolate business from Wales. I must say that I have had a lot of fun writing up and it was a lot of fun to get to know a local business while doing it. Because of that, I created a new exploring rule for myself and decided to carve out some time on Saturdays to learn about small local businesses in Wales.

Llaeth Preseli Milk

I came across LLaeth Preseli milk while searching for new businesses on Instagram and google. I saw the picture following this section and just was so curious to try out this welsh fresh milk. 

When I looked up on google, this farm was a little over 1 hour away from our house. Plus, they did not have an online service as far as I could see, so we would have to make a day or an afternoon of exploring around Pembrokeshire. 

Since we were a little busy dealing with our house matters… ( Here’s the end of tenancy post )

I had to wait for a few weeks before we could decide to drive out there. ( the anticipation was building up already! ) These guys are very good at communicating with their customers! Every week @llaethpreselimilk creates a poll for their followers to decide what Special flavor milk they will launch next. And I thought that was such a cool thing! This couple is using social media to attract more people and also gather more info for their business! SMART! 

I was personally hooked by the good-looking milk pictures, the word local business, and social media. Haha 

Planning the Trip

So last Friday, I planned our afternoon trip as I usually do and sent the itinerary to my husband. The original plan was that we would go first to grab some fresh milk at Llaeth Preseli Milk and later we would drive back to Picton Castle and have a nice outdoor picnic.

Since we had some lamb legs in the slow cooker it would be a perfect afternoon exercise and coffee time ( with milk haha) and we would get back to an early dinner. We left about 12 pm to grab the milk. Here’s our original itinerary. 

On the day

When we arrived at the farm we saw that there was a significantly well-designed entrance for the milk shed. In my mind, I did not know whether we would encounter any other human beings or not. Therefore I must say I was very happy to see two cars turn into the shed’s parking space right after we had parked. 

We did not know much about how people got the milk. Therefore, decided to sit and watch the locals do it before we went in to grab our share. We saw two families pull in with their own Llaeth Preseli glass bottles. And we did not have them! Okay. not so good a start. 

After the families were done getting their milk. We went in to see if there were glass bottles that we could buy. And yes. There was a vending machine that sold 250ml and 1L glass bottles! We were also very happy to see that the vending machines accepted contactless payment. Which has been a big plus, especially since Covid.

Blessing in disguise 

Allow me to share our personal experiences. When we went into the shed to buy the bottles we noticed that the bottle machine was out of service. SAD. But there was nice little note on the machine. It said, “feel free to grab the bottles from the shelf next to the entrance and leave the payment for the bottle in the honesty box.” 

We saw the honesty box but no glass bottle. And then we were stuck. Should we go back and give up? Or should we call the number that’s in the notice and let them know there are no bottles for us to use? 

One similar situation that comes to mind is this. Have you ever been to a restaurant or pub bathroom and the toilet paper ends after your use? Do you let the staff know that they need to add more toilet paper or do you just leave them to figure out? 

You’ll probably guess by now that I am the type of person that lets the staff know that something is missing or something is wrong. So. I dialed up the phone number and called to let them know there were no bottles. 

Kururimbo feat Llaeth Preseli Milk Shed! The best vending machine in Pembrokeshire

So what happened after that? 

We spoke to Angharad ( one of the business owners) over the phone and she said that her partner Roger, was on his way to bring some bottles over to us. I was personally very happy to have made that call! 

Our new friend Roger

After a couple of more minutes of waiting, Roger came in with his truck and two dogs with a very big smile! We were so relieved to see another human being after seeing only cows for a good amount of time.. ( as in time passes slowly when you’re in this parking lot. I’ll tell you that now ) 

Roger brought in the bottles and Samuel (my husband) started to load up 3L of milk into 3 separate bottles. All different flavors. Sam was having fun at the vending machine and learning how to use it… or at least that’s what I like to think. After filling up the bottle we continued to have a good conversation with Roger.

5 Things we learned from Roger this Saturday

1.How to say milk in Welsh = Llaeth

We were looking at the Logo on the shed and asked Roger the meaning of the word. He simply explained to us that the llaeth means milk and that Preseli is the name of the mountain range in North Pembrokeshire which you could see from the farm.

I actually went online to see a little more about accents or how to say milk in welsh. And apparently, there was a big milk debate on how to say milk in Welsh in 2020. You can read the article here.

I have to say, we learned a very important word here today. 

2. They just started their milk business in April, 2021.

So this milk business has just started for this couple! Roger was explaining to us that they have about 270 cows. And their main business is to supply milk so that others can make cheese with it. But they wanted to do more!

So they worked out a way to put the vending machine at the entrance of the farm to test out and see if people would like their business style. They have had a couple of events, and even other farmers come and visit them to grab milk.

3. A little bit about Roger and Angharad.

Angharad is working for a Welsh farming TV program and has been all over Wales. We have yet to meet her but I bet she has got the traveling boots as I do! And Roger has been a farmer for a long time! I actually read he comes from a family of 4 generations of farmers?

It was actually very fun to see him and Sam talk about farm animals for some good minutes. Me, as a girl who grew up in Tokyo I did not have the blessing of living close to so many farm animals. Roger also shared with us that that day he was trying to get two calves back to his land because they have crossed over to their neighbors. That was a fun story to hear too. haha

4. Potential collabs with Local businesses

  • We definitely dropped the name little croft choc there so Roger could think of a future collab with them. But we were also excited to hear that coal town coffee has already made contact with them to possibly get some milk!

    I still haven’t written about our weekend in Ammanford, Wales but Coaltown Coffee was definitely one of our highlights too! We are cheering for this collaboration to happen!

5. Recommendation of local places to visit.

After sharing our stories of living in wales, business, and travels. It was time to go. But before we headed to our next stop, Roger mentioned that there was a beautiful reservoir that had recently reopened and it was receiving visitors again. 

Roger from Llaeth Preseli milk and the Cariri’s

We were happy to go check out since the place was less than a 10-minute drive away from where we were. Thanks again Roger for your warm hospitality!

Quick stop at Llys y fran.

We stopped at Llys y Fran only to wish we had a long day to spend. There are lots of activities you can try to do in this place. From a quick walk and look around, we saw that you could rent bicycles, walk around the dam, camp, and rent out boats.

Llys y Fran Reservoir

This is definitely going to have to be a post for another day.

But I would like to just to let you know that we actually sat there on a picnic bench under the sun, got some croissants, lemon drizzle cake, and our milk bottles to have a short but memorable picnic!

My takeaway from this experience

Definitely ask your husband to drive to a place that’s 1 hour away from home even when you don’t know what you might get. Haha And here’s a short video I made.

Jokes aside! We really like the milk. And I am going to be very honest, There’s only about 200ml of milk left since we bought the 3L. Which was yesterday! If you must know, we bought Raspberry, Strawberry and chocolate milk. And the first one to dry up was the chocolate.

Today, I also added some small tapioca pearls to the milk which gave it an Asian touch. And because I was craving bubble tea. I must say.. Very good idea me! And if you have not tried, I do recommend you give it a try 🙂 

Here’s the website to Llaeth Preseli Milk and their Instagram page!
Help a local business first by sharing this post, liking, and following their Instagram page. And when you get to travel around Wales don’t forget to stop by this incredible milk shed when you have a chance.

Happy week everyone! I hope you liked this post and that we’ll get to connect soon!

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