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Discover what to do in Swansea, South Wales

Hello my friends! How are your national travels planning going nowadays? While listening to the news, I learned that residents in Britain had less interest in traveling oversees during 2021. I am assuming the reason is due to covid. Meaning we might see a generous amount of visitors coming to explore our ” countries ” in the United Kingdom. I am in favour of national travelling. And would recommend anyone to visit Wales as it is underrated despite its beauty. Today I have decided to share with you, why Swansea should be your stop by location. And what there is to do here.

Information about Swansea

Before I go and tell you the reasons why you should stop by, here’s some background information. Swansea otherwise known as Abertawe, is located in Glamorgan, one of the counties in the South of Wales. Counties are like prefectures or states in other countries. I will leave you a link to a resourceful website that explains how the county appeared over the years. I love reading these things. Now, this city is actually the second most populated city in Wales. Meaning there are lots of entertainment and ongoing developments for the wellbeing of its residents. Starting from football, poetry, food and music there is so much going on in this city. I have started to belive there is space for all interests.

My husband and I moved here to get to know the area and to enjoy the coast. Well, that was one of the main purpose of our move. Little did we know we would find so much more as we explored and were surprised positively. Here are some basic things you should know about Swansea.

5 reasons to stop by Abertawe

1. Swansea Marina

The Marina area is where you will see lots of action at any time of the day. It starts at the south end of the city and has the longest promenade I have personally ever been to. There are about 6 miles from river Tawe to the tip of the mumbles. The river that flows from the Brecon Beacon National park to west part of Swansea. I am not a runner. But if you like cycling or running long distance this promenade is a good place to try out your skills. My favourite personal favourite activity is to go to the promenade at the end of the afternoon and walk. The sea breeze feels so good. This is where we usually go to get our weekend steps count in.

You will see some castle remains, some boats owned by private individuals and some local pubs. It appears to me that many young people like to hangout in this area during the weekend. You will hear lost of laughter and music specially on Fridays and Saturdays.

The town centre is close to the maritime quarters which is located in the beginning of the promenade. You will be able to go clothes shopping, see churches, find local craft shops and sit at a cafe or pub after. I am currently researching this but there are some good quality international food restaurants too! If you are driving somewhere further west, don’t rush your tour. Stretch your legs at this promenade or even look up Verdi’s. This is our favourite place to get some coffee or ice cream.

Hot Summer Tip: Swansea Bay Pop-Up

If you would like to look up somewhere to stop by and grab food, don’t worry! Don’t like to look up restaurants? I have a got a summer time hot tip for you. During the summer season only, Swansea hosts a popup event. Many local shops come together under a huge tent to create this outdoor food court. Many local restaurants come out there to serve food to the public. They are usually open form 12PM until 10PM. So this could be a one excuse to stop by Swansea and get some food. Just make sure to look up the menu and book a table before you come. You can find more details in this link. ( Warning ! weekends are usually packed full of people!)

2. Liberty Stadium and River Tawe

Liberty Stadium is the second smallest stadium on the premiere league. Now I am sure you have heard of the teams Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and many more. Stopping by Swansea means that you might be able to catch a game of these giant ball players. Now liberty Stadium is actually the home to a team called Swansea City AFC. This team is actually part of the second tier league. But locals are cheering for them to become part of the premier league. In football there’s always hope! Now, if you don’t get to go inside the stadium don’t worry. You can still walk by the surrounding areas and get in contact with nature.

There’s also a way for you to have a true British experience. If you are close by the stadium, and crave for some good quality fish and chips look up Rossi’s. The are our favourite local choice by far.

Oh before I forget.. The river path is beautiful. And will make you forget that you are in a city that has more than 200,000 habitants. Totally worth checking out.

River path by liberty stadium, Swansea
River Path close to Liberty Stadium, Swansea

3. Begin or end your castle touring in Swansea Castle

Now don’t be surprised when I say this. But there are 600 castles in Wales. Not in the United Kingdom guys. This is in Wales only. If you are looking for something to accomplish in the next couple of years, finding castles in Wales might be a theme. This is actually something I noticed when I moved out here, there are just so many castles! In England we saw many churches and manors, but I don’t remember finding so many castles. Swansea castle is a medieval castle located in the heart of the city. Surrounded by shops and restaurants. Un fortunately you cannot go inside the castle, but you can take some photos to keep it as a memory. If you must know a very famous Welsh poet used to work within these castle walls back in the day.

Swansea Castle at the heart of Swansea. what to do in Swansea, South Wales
Swansea Castle at the heart of Swansea

4. Connect to Poetry – Home of Dylan Thomas

As mentioned in the previous section, Dylan Thomas was a famous and we’ll know poet from Swansea. He used to write for the South Wales Daily Post. For all of my literature, poetry and theatre lovers I would recommend a quick stop by the Dylan Thomas Centre. Dylan Thomas had a “different” approach to poetry compared to others writers in his decade. The centre is coming back with an exhibition called ‘Love the Words’ on May 27th. I can’t wait to go there to tell you more about this local author. In the mean time, you can read more about Dylan Thomas (1914- 1953) in this page. I promise to update you all as soon as I get to pay this place a visit!

5. Less then 1 hour away from awarded beaches

I will publicly say this because I have the right to do so… I have been to many beaches since I was a kid, but Welsh beaches are BEAUTIFUL! Like top level! Clean, sandy, have seaside shops and so on. There’s always taht local shop or popup van offering you some coffee or crepes. And the views are phenomenal. Wales has wonderful Beaches worth travelling to. The awarded beaches here are clean, have good water quality and well kept amenities for the public to use. You’ll see posters encouraging people to use these hidden gems properly and share the space respectfully. If you like a clean and safe environment to bathe you should definitely look up this page .

Caldey Island , Tenby : Beautiful beaches less then 1 hour away from Swansea

Just to mention a few beaches that we have been to and are absolutely worth checking out. These are part of my favourites.
– Port Eynon
– Langland Bay
– Saundersfoot and more.

Here’s a link to my beach savvy expert list on google maps ( you can save it to your maps If you like the memo)

Spend 24 to 48 hours in Swansea

My first advice for a Swansea beginner would be stay for a day or night long. Swansea has so much to offer even on a rainy day, We love being residents here and there are so many hidden gems that have yet to be introduced to the world.
If you are looking for something specific such as a place to stay while being in Swansea feel free to Contact us. We’ll gladly help you settle and possibly try to grab coffee with you as we love for more people to come and see the beauty of this city.

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Hope you liked this article and this gives some idea of what to do when you are around Swansea, Wales.

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Have a great week everyone! I hope you’ll visit us in Swansea, this summer 2021.

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